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피곤한아침 #Welcomecity

서핑 배우고싶은데 가을이라는게 함정이다그램 눈누난나~ #야근 #Surf #illustration #ai #배고파 #art #graphic

야밤에 한강걷다가 찍은 꽃. 길가다 꽃찍는거 아줌마같지만 내가 찍고싶단데뭘~ #꽃스타그램 #밤에찍었다그램


Ten Dollar Fonts: Hardy    |    Official Store

Hardy is a display typeface whose circular cuts replace each angled intersection. For every 45° and 90° angle, there is a circle to soften the edge while still maintaining the typeface’s chiseled appearance. Each circle’s size is determined by the measure of the angle. The result is a largely masculine, yet somewhat awkward geometric face with strong personality.

Hardy is designed by Wade Jeffree, a New York based Designer, Art Director and metal-loving Vegan originally from Melbourne, Australia. Wade currently works at Sagmeister And Walsh.

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Adrian Teodor, Ficciones Typografika 648-650 (24”x36”). Installed on September 15, 2014. More on Ficciones Typografika.

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Clock Division (2014)

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간만에 칼퇴하고 한강 런닝🏃🚶🏃🚶#한강 #칼퇴 캬캬

#Plastic #color #museum #art 알다가도 모르겠는게 사람마음. 복잡.

#Hi #glassmuseum


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